The Job Interview   


They will measure themselves through the analysis of your experience and knowledge: what you did, what you learned, what you did.

Do not be vague; talk about specific facts, give as many concrete examples as you can.

Some skills are transferable: an extra professional or associative experience may have prepared you for a particular job. Feel free to look for examples in other areas. Identify them as you make your interview.

Some skills may be acquired in your new position. It is possible, in this case, that one wants to test your aptitude to learn them easily and that one makes you pass tests that will measure it: tests of logic, memory, spatial representation, concentration.



Success in a job is strongly related to your expectations and constraints.

Your motivations will influence where and how you will invest.

The recruiter must first ensure that there are no objective blocking elements to your application: geographical mobility, accessibility of the workplace, schedules, but also that you have the required diplomas or certificates.

It will also seek to understand if the job, but also the culture of the company respond well to what you usually look for in a job.

Of course, we all work to make a living, but we also pay more or less importance to the working environment, the human environment, the tools available, the technological context, the mode of organization, the mode management and of course all the accessories to the salary (holidays, premiums, mutual, benefits, Works Council …).

The Different

Types Of Maintenance

Telephone or webcam maintenance

This type of interview is not systematic; it is mainly used to save time by doing a screening, and by validating some objective elements of your application before going further.

Shorter than a conventional interview, it lasts between 5 and 15 minutes and avoids you to move at this stage of recruitment. Rest assured, a telephone interview is most often by appointment. This gives you the time to prepare it and make sure you are in good condition.

Even if you are at home, you should treat the interview seriously. Have your CV and the job description in front of you, if necessary some notes on the post or the company.

Prepare 2 or 3 questions about the position or company. Make sure there is no one else in the room to distract you, avoid noise: swallowing a cup of coffee or even smoking, get along on the phone.

If the recruiter calls you by surprise and you do not feel ready, or you are not at home, it is best to explain it to him and offer him another appointment. He will not hold you against it. Telephone interviewing is often more structured and shorter than face-to-face interviewing and will address very factual and objective topics (e.g., your current situation, your career plan, your availability, your mobility. ..) or specify some aspects of your CV or mastery of a particular skill.

Answer it factually and accurately, giving concrete examples.

Also, know how to be friendly and enthusiastic. The fact of not seeing one’s interlocutor causes many people to feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. Conversely, remember that smiling on the phone means.

The Collective Interview

Mainly used for positions that require relationship skills or teamwork, it is often found for business or customer relations. The recruiter will be particularly sensitive to how you communicate and collaborate with other group members. It can last from 1h up to ½ day. The recruiter who will animate the meeting will give you all the necessary instructions. Although there is no systematic rule, you will usually find two phases:

A phase in which everyone presents or exposes their experience. Know to be synthetic, present in a few words what you have done and what interests you in the vacancy. Know how to listen to other participants when they show up. You may have questions on the subject to measure your listening ability.

A phase of working together. It can be a role play, a problem solving, a project to build, a debate on a given theme … Whatever the subject, it’s about seeing how you will behave within a group . Will you spontaneously take the reins or do you prefer to collaborate? Do you prefer to bring new ideas or instead evaluate the ideas already issued? Are you more critical or conciliatory? In fact, depending on the position to be filled, one or the other attitude may be preferred …

The main difficulty for you: to exchange in a friendly and constructive way with the other candidates who apply on the same position and with whom you are in competition …

Resist the urge to denigrate what has been said or to contradict too directly. Instead, bring your arguments as complementary. Prefer “and I would add …” to “it’s not at all that.”

Avoid the following attitudes: cut the floor, be aggressive, monopolize all the time. Conversely, do not stay in your corner without speaking. For the rest, let your natural act; this is the best way to be credible and not let yourself be dominated by your stress.

Interview With A “Professional Recruiter”

This type of interview can take place with the recruitment consultant of an employment agency or a recruitment firm or in the company with a person from the HRD. It can last from 30 minutes to 1:30, depending on the complexity of the job. The goal of the recruiter is to go beyond the elements contained in your resume to measure the correspondence between your profile and the position he has defined with the applicant. He may have spent a lot of time defining this position both technically and in relation to the human environment and having a clear idea of ​​what is expected. He has devised a series of questions to measure it, and can sometimes help himself with some tests. Its challenge: find one or more candidates to propose to the line manager.

The Recruiter Is Judged On:

his ability to find candidates: he or she, therefore, has no interest in eliminating candidates to excess or on wrong criteria.

the success of the candidate he has proposed and who will be chosen: he or she, therefore, has no interest in offering a person too far from the need.

Interview With Your Future Manager

Sometimes it’s the only job interview. Often this is the final step in a series of interviews. This is, of course, for your future manager, to know you before making his decision. If the job requires very advanced technical skills, it is often he who is best able to assess your level and your experience. It is also at this stage that you will have first-hand information about the job and your expectations. Your application was presented to him by the recruiter, who explained to him the reasons why he considers that your profile is suitable for the position. Your future manager knows, in general, that you meet his expectations. But be careful, not everything is played: the recruiter often presents 2 or 3 candidates.

The Main Objectives Of Your Future Manager:

Check that your skills meet his needs (if the position involves complex technical skills, he is better placed than the recruiter).

Make sure that you integrate well with the team or the company culture.

Answer all your questions and queries to make sure there will be no bad surprises.

How To Perform Recruitment That Suits You?

Entrusting Your Search For Staff To A Recruitment Agency

A recruiting firm is a service company whose role is to assist companies in their overall recruitment strategy and to put them in touch with candidates who may match their staffing needs.

The advice offered by recruitment firms concerns all stages of the labor search process :

  • Definition of the position and profile sought,
  • Search for candidates by sourcing and distributing targeted ads,
  • Evaluation of the applications,
  • Interview with the candidates and pre-selection,
  • Help in selecting the most suitable profile for the job.

Intervening on all issues related to the hiring of personnel, Our firm is a network of over 700 recruitment and temping agencies spread throughout the USA.

We also provide recruitment consulting assignments (work-study contracts, fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts ) as well as the provision of temporary workers.

Quality Commitments Of Our Recruitment Firms

For more than 60 years, Our network of recruitment firms has provided its labor market expertise to client companies and job candidates.

The 2400 employees working in our recruitment offices assist you in all your recruitment efforts in a permanent concern for proximity and quality.

As a responsible recruitment firm and to better satisfy companies in the management of human resources, our team is also committed to training, prevention of accidents at work and non-discrimination in hiring.

Are You Looking For Your First Job?

Look After Your Application


Your resume is your first passport in your search. CV and possibly a cover letter will open the doors of a company … at least for a first interview! Hence the importance of choosing the right words. They need to get the attention of the recruiter in minutes and reflect your skills and career aspirations.

Once the first step is completed, you will have to prepare the first interview. Learn about the company, anticipate trick questions. Attention also to your image on the Internet, your e-reputation. Leave a good impression on the Net: there is never a second chance to make an excellent first impression!

Consider All Types Of Contracts

Today, the form of the contract does not prejudge the quality of the job. An offer of work in temporary or in CDD participates to enrich your CV, allows you to discover the world of the company, to develop your know-how and to build competencies.

Target Your Search

It is essential to select the right job offers for you. Read the ads carefully and select those that match your profile and meet your expectations.

However, do not close your search on narrow criteria and stay open to different business sectors and possibly other geographical areas.

On Recruiters Association you will find thousands of job offers covering all fields of activity and all forms of contracts.


Be Visible


Post your CV on Recruiters Association; your profile will be available through our 700 agencies, present throughout France: we recruit for nearly 80 000 employers, in all areas of activity and trades, from small business to multinational, private and public sector!

Our consultants will contact you if your profile matches a vacancy. Job experts, they will know how to give you the advice to enhance your application, increase the impact of your resume, attract recruiters maintenance …