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How To Perform Recruitment That Suits You?

Entrusting Your Search For Staff To A Recruitment Agency

A recruiting firm is a service company whose role is to assist companies in their overall recruitment strategy and to put them in touch with candidates who may match their staffing needs.

The advice offered by recruitment firms concerns all stages of the labor search process :

  • Definition of the position and profile sought,
  • Search for candidates by sourcing and distributing targeted ads,
  • Evaluation of the applications,
  • Interview with the candidates and pre-selection,
  • Help in selecting the most suitable profile for the job.

Intervening on all issues related to the hiring of personnel, Our firm is a network of over 700 recruitment and temping agencies spread throughout the USA.

We also provide recruitment consulting assignments (work-study contracts, fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts ) as well as the provision of temporary workers.

Quality Commitments Of Our Recruitment Firms

For more than 60 years, Our network of recruitment firms has provided its labor market expertise to client companies and job candidates.

The 2400 employees working in our recruitment offices assist you in all your recruitment efforts in a permanent concern for proximity and quality.

As a responsible recruitment firm and to better satisfy companies in the management of human resources, our team is also committed to training, prevention of accidents at work and non-discrimination in hiring.